Canada 2015

To help you on with your holiday plans, we have detailed our fantastic journey around the globe on videos and easy-to-read fact sheets complete with contact details and links.

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British Columbia – Bobby Burns Lodge, Heli-Hiking and Zip Lining
Eastern British Columbia’s rugged mountains draw visitors from all corners of the globe wanting to experience the sheer beauty of this pristine wilderness. read more

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
There’s nothing better than driving in British Columbia. We drove through the town of Golden and up into the mountains to the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. read more

Waterton, Alberta
Our mission on Explore TV is to do just that – explore – and going by road is such a fantastic way to discover Canada. You can tour at your own pace and stop to enjoy unexpected gems along the way. read more

Waterton Lake National Park, Cowboy Trail
When in Canada, one must-do is to explore the stunning wilderness around the town of Waterton in the province of Alberta, just a stone’s throw from the border with the US state of Montana. read more

Whitehorse, Carcross and Keith Wolfe-Smarch, Tagish Wilderness Lodge
Our final destination in Canada is the Yukon Terriority. Sitting in the north-western corner bordering the US state of Alaska, this is a land of extremes - icy temperatures.. read more

Yukon Wildlife Preserve, Inn on the Lake, Gourmet Dining - Yukon
One way to experience the wildlife of the north is to take a safari tour through the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. It’s a terrific opportunity to experience the unique wildlife, often only found in Yukon and the Northern Territories. read more