Canada Calgary Stampede

To help you on with your holiday plans, we have detailed our fantastic journey around the globe on videos and easy-to-read fact sheets complete with contact details and links.

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Smithbilt Hats
If you ever wanted an experience that will stay with you forever when travelling, it has to be landing in the middle of a massive cultural change to anything you have ever known. This can be done by finding your way to Calgary in the month of July. read more

Chuckwagon Racing
Calgary is one of Canada’s most vibrant and ultra-modern cities. For 10 days in July it hosts a stampede known as the greatest outdoor show on earth and today the guys check out an event favourite. read more

Trevor Panczak
A massive part of stampede is music, country music, you can hear it in the background, it’s everywhere here and they love it. You can imagine what happens when you put a guy like Trev on stage here behind us in front of 3,000 cowboys and cowgirls. read more

First Nation Village
There’s a very rich first nation culture in Canada and they celebrate it at the stampede with an Indian village. Experience the First Nations traditions and culture first-hand, with demonstrations of traditional food making, tipis and native dances. read more

Food on the Midway
A visit to any fair isn’t complete without the food! and the Calgary Stampede offers some of the most enticing and horrifying treats- the ghost pizza and deep friend Jello- just to name a few... read more

The Calgary Stampede Music Festival
Welcome to Nashville North! This stage hosts the music festival and is the place to be for a party. Trev and Nige get to speak to some of the performers on this amazing stage to see what it’s all about. read more