Mozambique 2018

To help you on with your holiday plans, we have detailed our fantastic journey around the globe on videos and easy-to-read fact sheets complete with contact details and links.

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Maputo: History & Culture
On the northern borders of South Africa lies Mozambique, a rapidly developing country well worth a visit. Maputo, the country’s capital, is an absolutely stunning city with an incredible history. read more

Food & Cuisine
One of the best ways to learn about a new city is to visit the local markets, and Maputo’s central markets are no exception. read more

Maputo Special Reserve
Boasting the longest section of Indian Ocean coastline in Africa, Mozambique is home to a huge selection of wildlife. read more

Bazaruto National Park: Diving on the 2 Mile Reef
Mozambique features a truly pristine water environment, and there is a huge amount of water-based activities you can get up to. read more

Island Hopping Bazaruto National Park and Benguerra
The Bazaruto National Park is a group of 5 islands, around an hour’s boat ride from the coastline. read more

Waterlilies & Fireflies by South East Africa Safaris
If you’re looking for a completely unique experience, the canoe-based tours offered by South East Africa Safaris are impossible to beat. read more