Northern Ireland 2009

To help you on with your holiday plans, we have detailed our fantastic journey around the globe on videos and easy-to-read fact sheets complete with contact details and links.

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Belfast City
First stop for Explore team was Belfast city, the capital of Northern Ireland. The city is easily accessible on foot, but for those wanting to explore the city a bit differently, then a Belfast city tour via a Black Taxi is the way to go. read more

Belfast Botanic Gardens
The Botanic Gardens is an important part of Belfast?s Victorian heritage and a popular meeting place for residents, students and tourists. read more

Rowallane Gardens with John Cushnie
Trevor met another gardening great at the enchanting famous National Trust Rowallane Garden to see what Irish gardening is all about. read more

Tomney's Bar with More Power to Your Elbow?
Irish pubs are world famous for their warm and welcoming hospitality, Trevor visited Tomney?s Bar for a special performance by a traditional Irish band, ?More Power to Your Elbow.? read more

Cooking at County Tyrone
It's always nice to sample cuisine from around the globe when travelling, Neville took a cooking lesson with Norah at The Grange Lodge in County Tyrone. She cooked a few traditional Irish dishes, including a lamb stew. read more

Mount Stewart Gardens
Trevor and Neville visited one of Ireland?s premier gardens, rightly renowned throughout the world for its remarkable plant collections and unique design. read more

Fermanagh Fishing
Trevor gets a lesson in fly fishing at Fermanagh Lakes, one of the top spots in Ireland to spend the day fishing. read more

Belle Isle School of Cookery
Neville gets a lesson in Irish cooking from Liz at the Belle Isle School of Cookery, and cooks up a Salmon dish fit for a king. read more

Antrim Coast Drive
The most scenic drive in Northern Ireland is along the Antrim coast. With stunning scenery throughout the drive and many places of interest to stop at, set aside two days to really enjoy all the sights. read more

Crom Castle
Trevor roamed Crom Castle, a romantic 19th Century Victorian Castle set in a 1900 acre estate, which is one of Northern Ireland?s most important conservation areas. read more

Travel Tips
Geraldine has some great tips for you when you visit Ireland. read more

Malaysian Airlines
See why the crew choose to fly with them. read more