To help you on with your holiday plans, we have detailed our fantastic journey around the globe on videos and easy-to-read fact sheets complete with contact details and links.

Jeonju Traditional Village and Bipimbap
If you want to experience the grace of old Jeonju and get a taste of the traditional Korean architecture then the place to absorb it all is Hanock Village. read more

Night Markets
The Meokjagolmok or food alley is within the Gwanjang market in central Seoul and is the beginning of a culinary adventure, with 200 hundred food stores preparing freshly made, ready to eat Korean Food. read more

Tea Fields
While most of is associate camellias with big showy flowers, believe it or not, this is the home of tea. read more

Sangsoo Herb Land
When you think of theme parks usually you think of junk food, wild rides and probably sheer exhaustion but in the middle of the peninsula is a theme park of a completely different nature. read more

Jeju Island Tour Guide
Whilst we were in Korea, we had fantastic guides supplied by Korea Tourism Organisation. With their help our time in this beautiful country was made even more enjoyable. read more

Jeju Island
he south coast of Jeju Island is warmed by a sea current that turns the area into a seafood supermarket for the famous diving women. read more

Garden of Morning Calm
One and a half hours north of Seoul is the Garden of Morning Calm, an outstanding collection of gardens. The Garden Gurus are the first foreign crew to get into the garden and film the glorious mountain landscape. read more

Botanical Garden
Yeomiji Botanical Garden is one of the most spectacular that Trevor has ever seen and it is a major tourist destination. read more