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Food on the Midway

Episode: 2 Explore Canada: Calgary Stampede
Title: Food on the Midway
Broadcast: December 31th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Nigel Ruck

A visit to any fair isn’t complete without the food! and the Calgary Stampede offers some of the most enticing and horrifying treats- the ghost pizza and deep friend Jello- just to name a few...

  • From the items that convince the brave to ingest articles unfit for human consumption, to the food that actually looks pretty tasty, only for 10 days in summer at the Calgary Stampede this smorgasbord is available.
  • The plethora of deep fried morsels are not in shortage here and today Trev turns to Trevor Panczak for his recommendations.
  • Making their way through the crowds, Trevor, Nigel and Trevor Panczak select the perogies and the next curious cuisine… The tropical Bobster… lobster poutine.
  • Almost full, the guys are now in search of dessert- this surplus of gluttony is so much fun, it makes you wonder how on earth anyone could pick just one type of food.

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