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First Nation Village

Episode: 2 Explore Canada: Calgary Stampede
Title: First Nation Village
Broadcast: December 31th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Nigel Ruck

There’s a very rich first nation culture in Canada and they celebrate it at the stampede with an Indian village. The village offers visitors the chance to experience the First Nations traditions and culture first-hand, with demonstrations of traditional food making, tipis and native dances.

  • A real highlight here is the 26 beautifully hand-crafted Tipis, and their traditional owners are more than happy to show you around them.
  • Noran Calfrobea first nation representative has invited Trev and Nige today into his tipi. We take a look at what’s in the Tipi, and chat a bit about the unique and incredibly beautiful native art.
  • When visitors come to the Indian Village, they get an opportunity to learn from the first nation people and see how they lived.
  • Lowa Beebe, Chair of the Indian events committee for the Calgary Stampede welcomes Trev and Nige, and takes the time to tell them about the Indian Village.
  • Walking through the village here you can appreciate the diverse culture and its history. It’s been an absolute privilege meeting and learning from the proud people who keep the culture alive today, another amazing experience at the Calgary Stampede.

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