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Bird Island & Englishtown, Nova Scotia

Episode: 4 Explore Canada: One Ocean Expeditions
Title: Bird Island & Englishtown, Nova Scotia
Broadcast: January 13th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Today we visit some fantastic regions in Nova Scotia. You must make sure you set aside some time to enjoy this part of the Baddeck experience, it is just beautiful in summer and autumn.

  • Bird Island consists of two islands: Hertford and Ciboux, located between the end of the Cabot Trail and North Sydney on Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia).
  • Rising from the sea like rocky pillars, these islands are the nesting grounds for thousands of seabirds including Razorbills, Kittiwakes, Guillemots, Bald Eagles, and more than 300 pairs of Atlantic puffins.
  • The area supports the largest colony of Great Cormorants in North America and a key reason for bird lovers come to visit. A sizable population of grey seals also inhabit the islands.
  • Englishtown is one of the oldest settlements in America. Having been established as a French fishing port in 1597, then turned into a military fortress, known as Fort Dauphin.
  • In 1629. There followed a colourful war history as the French battled the English for nearly 100 years, eventually losing the Fort with the English destroying it in 1745.
  • Not far away is a picturesque town of Baddeck in the heart of beautiful Cape Breton. Baddeck is considered the beginning and the end of the world-famous Cabot Trail.
  • We learn of the regions most celebrated citizen, who’s contribution to mankind is recognized in a museum that’s been built and celebrates all of his achievements.

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