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Inside the ship

Episode: 4 Explore Canada: One Ocean Expeditions
Title: Inside the ship
Broadcast: January 13th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Come for a journey board the Akademik Ioffe, a Russian research vessel made in 1993 in Finland and designed for polar research, monitoring the seismic activity coming from the ocean floor, now a refurbished modern expedition ship. Today we get an exclusive look inside the ship and learn the way the system works.

  • The ship is chartered by One Ocean, an exhibition company with a difference. They provide a kind of tourism experience few others do. This is exploration at its best. They visit the Antarctic, Arctic and the Maritimes, East Canada.
  • The ship is large, but One Ocean accommodate just 100 guests for its exhibition. The cabins are generally 2 bunks and sometimes 3. The room is a little tight but the idea is its just for a comfortable night’s rest, ready for each day’s adventure.
  • The meals are served in a large restaurant, bringing everyone together for a reflection on or anticipation of the day’s destination.
  • Our expedition leader offers guests a unique experience touring the ships actual operation behind the scenes. The ships research is often secretive, and the technology employed is quite unique.
  • The ballast flotation system delivers balance as the ship moves through the ocean. There’s very little rocking and rolling, which is critical to the highly sensitive scientific measuring equipment that has to be kept as stable as possible to gain accurate measurement of seismic activity on the ocean floor and deliver its deep-water communication to its Sister ship, which is often on the other side of the world.
  • The beauty is as long as everything is analogue, everything can be fixed at sea.

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