Not every country will require you to have a Visa, but some will and where you travel will dictate how organised you need to be before leaving the country.

If you're travelling to China the visa must be organised and in your passport before you get to the country but if you're going to Bali it's a case of paying in American dollars and getting your visa on arrival.

To make sure you've got the most up to date information on visa requirements for a country head to for a comprehensive guide to each country

I can't stress this enough, before every trip overseas check your passport expiry date! Some countries won't let you through their immigration if you have less than 6 months validity on your passport and this is a sure fire way to ruin a holiday!

If you don't have a passport but you're planning a trip overseas the key is to apply early so there is plenty of time for the application to be processed. will answer all your questions regarding passport applications and validity requirements.

When Should I Travel:
It is always a smart idea when you're travelling to find out if there are any current travel warnings for your destinations. Make sure you head to before jumping on the plane.

Not only can it save you being stranded at the airport if something happens but you can also register your travel plans making it easy for smart traveller to get in contact with you if there's an emergency like a natural disaster, civil disturbance or even a family emergency back home.

5 Lessons I've learnt along the way:
I've travelled to a lot of places over the years and I've discovered a few lessons along the way...

Lesson #1: Maps can and do lie... our Production Manager spent 3 hours trekking around Tokyo trying to find her backpackers accommodation. Thankfully the kindness of strangers prevailed and after about 6 people (including the police) tried helping her a kind girl from Hokkaido got her safely to her destination

Lesson # 2: International Airports do close! In some countries it's not a 24-hour affair so check the opening times of an airport before you jump in a taxi

Lesson # 3: Always change your money at a reputable money exchange and check and double check that you've been given the right amount before leaving the counter

Lesson # 4: Always take lots of water on the plane and always drink from bottles and cans with a straw overseas, particularly in places where hygiene has a little bit to be desired

Lesson # 5: Trust your instincts and believe in the kindness of strangers. If you're gut is telling you not to do something or go with someone... DON'T! It is not worth the risk. Having said that one of the truly wonderful aspects of travelling is meeting the locals and the majority genuinely want to help you and enhance your experience of their country so be smart and use your gut instincts to ensure your holiday turns into a truly memorable experience